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  • Emerging Study Abroad Destinations – Netherlands

    From our experience of advising students on higher education options in continental Europe, the Netherlands stands out for a number of reasons: Dutch universities offer over 300 bachelor's degree courses that are taught in English – more than all other countries in continental Europe.Tuition fees are among the lowest in Europe, ranging from approxi...Read More
  • Useful Guidelines for Writing the UCAS Personal Statement

    ...Read More
  • Make Your Extracurriculars Work For You

    Tips on how to maximise the impact of your extracurricular activities A common misconception is that there are certain extracurricular prerequisites for universities; playing an instrument, writing a research paper, interning somewhere or playing a sport. However, our advice would be to not think about the number of activities but instead, think ab...Read More
  • Common Application Essay Writing Tips

    The essay is your chance to tell the admissions officer a story about yourself – the kind of person you are, your passions, the experiences that have really transformed you, or anything else that you feel is integral to who you are. This is something that your grades and extracurriculars cannot narrate. It is also...Read More
  • University Abroad? Canada is calling

    In recent years, the number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities has increased, with over 500,000 international students as of 2018 – a 16% increase from the year before and a 73% increase in the last five years. On the global stage, Canada is seen as providing a world-class education at around half the cost...Read More
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Talking to Lavanya, her passion for development and social impact was evident. While working with Bain and Company in India, Lavanya decided she wanted to explore and travel the world. She moved to Kenya to work at the World Bank, where she decided to pursue a Master's - but required funding in order to fulfill...Read More
  • Summer: Time to play and work?

    Most universities look beyond your test scores and academic performance when they assess your application. This is because a sufficient number of students who apply have good grades and are capable of handling academic rigour. Admissions officers (AOs) are really looking for what sets you apart. They will look at your extracurricular...Read More
  • Pursue Multiple Interests in the UK with a Joint Degree

    Jay was always interested in politics, particularly in the intersection between politics and other subjects. When thinking about what to study at university, he considered Politics with International Relations but felt that PPE was a broader degree. He was curious about philosophy and knew that economics could provide a strong quantitative backing ...Read More
  • Don’t mind the gap (year)

    Viraj Sikand got accepted into Brown University while he was studying at Hillcrest School, Nairobi. Like his elder sister, Viraj decided to defer his program by a year to focus on different opportunities. In his gap year, he spent time teaching in and conducting fundraising activities for the Kibera Hamlets programme. Passionate about  the env...Read More
  • This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Degree

    "Gone are the days of One and Done" - excerpt from the article by Kavita Mehta (co-founder of The Red Pen) 'Earlier this month, when my dermatologist asked me what my 15-year-old daughter "wants to do," I answered honestly, with a straight face: "astronaut, photographer, supreme court justice, barista, marine biologist, and professional trekke...Read More
  • The New IB Mathematics Curriculum

    The previous syllabus structure consisting of generalised mathematics (SL or HL) and math studies (SL only) will be replaced by: Analysis and Approaches, and Applications and Interpretation. Both of these will be available at SL or HL and, in line with other Diploma Programme subjects, the SL content will be a subset of the HL...Read More
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