Our Services
Early Advising

For families with children as young as age 13. Advising on a range of topics covering academics, skills development, extracurricular interests and planning for future goals.

Applying for university is more competitive than ever before. It is never too early to start planning for your future goals - reduce the stress and be well prepared for university applications when the time comes. We offer two types of services:

  • One-off counselling on a specific component of your education decision making
  • Comprehensive guidance through our Mentorship Programme which involves being assigned a lead consultant who works consistently with a student to provide holistic guidance on:
    • Academics: subject and board selection, supplementary courses, standardized test prep (SAT, ACT) strategy
    • Skills development through workshops e.g. interview skills, college essay writing, design thinking
    • Profile development: extracurricular profile building, exploration of academic and extracurricular interests, passion projects
    • Summer planning: summer programmes, internships, community service
    • Planning for college: resume creation, college research and visits assistance
Boarding School

For families with children aged 13 years and older interested in pursuing boarding school abroad. Our extensive knowledge of and networks with global boarding schools will help you make the right decision for you and your child.

End to end service covering:

      • Counseling to understand your objectives from a boarding school education
      • The considerations in selecting a school e.g differences in schooling systems and curricula, wider environment in the country of study (culture, weather etc.)
      • Selecting the school, geography and curriculum that best fits your criteria
      • Arranging school visits, liaising with schools
      • Assistance at every stage of the application process: reviewing requirements and application form inputs; letters of recommendation advice; test scheduling and interview prep (school specific), if required; essay brainstorming and reviewing, if required
Undergraduate Applications

For students aged 16-18 and gap year students. Take the stress out of applying to university with our guidance covering admissions strategy, selection of destination(s) and courses, preparation of application components and interviews. Learn how to express your unique voice and stand out in the competitive process. 

The admissions process can be complex and varies from country to country. We provide end-to-end support with all aspects, including:

      • Developing a strategy: review of your academic and extracurricular profile, identify your education goals, timelines for the applications etc.
      • Understanding college requirements, fees, conditions of offer
      • College selection tailored to your profile, education goals and other criteria (e.g. fees, financial aid availability) 
      • Advice and support for financial aid applications and sports recruitment 
      • Preparation of application components
        • Standardized test (SAT, ACT in US, UCAT in UK and many others) guidance
        • US Common App Essay brainstorming, review and editing
        • Resume review and editing
        • Letters of Recommendation strategy  
      • Application form review
      • Interview training (including for Oxbridge)  
      • Submission and Follow-Up

We also provide stand-alone services for specific aspects of the application e.g. a one-off essay review and feedback; a mock interview etc.

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